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About Tuxedo

Premium Rolling papers crafted in the Czech Republic

tuxedo: smoke in style

indulge in timeless excellence

Discover Tuxedo Rolling Papers, crafted with over a century of tradition and expertise in the heart of the Czech Republic. From paper making to booklet packing, every step is meticulously mastered to ensure an unrivaled smoking experience.

our commitment to nature

Tuxedo papers are thoughtfully crafted with vegan, non-GMO materials and FSC certified paper sourced through responsible harvesting practices. With Tuxedo, you can savor your smoke with peace of mind, knowing you’ve chosen an eco-conscious option.

savor the perfect burn

Tailor your smoking pleasure with Tuxedo’s carefully engineered burning rate. Whether you prefer a slow, even burn or a smooth, swift ignition, Tuxedo allows you to relish every moment, elevating your enjoyment to the fullest.

elevate your moments

Tuxedo isn’t just a brand; it’s a lifestyle choice. With our dedication to quality, sustainability, and your satisfaction, we invite you to embrace the art of rolling. Join us in cherishing both the present and the planet, one premium roll at a time.

unravel the fascinating story of tuxedo logo

discover its origin : "Tuxedo"

In the Czech Republic, “Tuxedo” finds its origin in the word “Smoking”. As we mentioned previously Tuxedo papers have been crafted in the Czech Republic with long tradition and high expertise. Our logo proudly carries this heritage and wants to signify a connection.

unveiling the root of tuxedo design

Inspired by the Art Nouveau movement, our logo exudes a fusion of classic sophistication and modern ingenuity. Breaking away from conventional designs, we breathe new life into rolling papers, granting you an extraordinary experience. Tuxedo beckons you to leave behind the ordinary and embrace a fresh, exhilarating journey. Say goodbye to the past as we introduce you to a world of unparalleled quality and pleasure.